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Cleaning Agents

  • Soaping Agent Cleantex SA

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    Soaping Agent Cleantex SA

    Application CLEANTEX SA as a soaping agent for cotton and its blend. Feature ●Reactive dyeing and pringtying goods can reach good color fastness. ●Liquid and suitable for self-measuring deviceRead More

  • Soaping Agent Cleantex PR50

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    Soaping Agent Cleantex PR50

    Application CLEANTEX PR-50 asa soaping agent for reactive / disperse printing. Feature ●Reactive / disperse printing on cellulose and blend fabric, soaping with CEANTEX PR 50 , can prevent ground colour staining. ●Compatible with most textile agentRead More

  • Soaping Agent Cleantex PR30

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    Soaping Agent Cleantex PR30

    Application As a soaping agent for direct dyes and reactive dyes on cellulosic fibre. Character Usage Fabric:suitable for cellulosic fibre and its blends Equipment:washing machineRead More