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Textile Agent

  • Wetting Agent Penelon KW786

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    Wetting Agent Penelon KW786

    Application PENELON KW-786 as a thickener for pigment discharge printing ,in combination with PENELON system, and also suitable for printing mill which has no steaming machine. For discharge pringing and colour discharge on cotton , linen, rayon。 Read More

  • Resist Agent Cleantex PPO

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    Resist Agent Cleantex PPO

    Application As a printing oil base on floristic oil, can be used on all printing process . Character Feature ●Solve dyes,reduce the dyes freeze trend,resist colour spot engender。 ●help dyes into fabric and improved the leveling。 Read More

  • Resist Agent Cleantex PWC

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    Resist Agent Cleantex PWC

    Application CLEANTEX PWC as a resistant for reactive dyes printing on cotton and rayon. MARCOZOL® CDR type reactive dyes will loss the active ability with cellulose fiber by CLEANTEX PWC effect. Read More

  • Discharge Agent Cleantex D-TN

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    Discharge Agent Cleantex D-TN

    Application CLEANTEX D-TN a auxiliary agent for reactive discharge printing. No penatration happened in combination with LEANTEX DK-TN,and gain best discharge effect. Feature ●Very sharp dsicharge effect with less ammount of D-TN。 Read More

  • Discharge Agent EMVATEX DK-TN

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    Discharge Agent EMVATEX DK-TN

    EMVATEX DK-TNa thickener for reactive discharge reactive dyed ground 。The products will not infruent the fixation of reactive dyes and can discharge the ground shade 。In combinatio with CLEANTEX D-TN ,to get the sharp discharge effect on midium to deep shade。 Read More